History and Vision

Inner Drive

It's what separates the company that does the right thing, from those that do the easy thing. It's what allows a dedicated, growing company to compete for big business.

David Orscheln founded OrTran in 1993. A certified freight broker, he set out to redefine the industry, one customer at a time.

From the start David held the vision of creating a new kind of transportation company; one that worked to service customer accounts by managing their freight and building a fleet of trucks and a network of partnerships to provide capacity. In return for a full-service approach, customers trust OrTran, giving us the flexibility to move freight by truck or rail and to create operational efficiencies across our lines of business.

In 1994, we began to build our own fleet of trucks (formerly known as "OIX"), enhancing our ability to react quickly to customers' just-in-time and flash capacity needs. Today, we bring an impressive team to the table as we work to solve customers' supply chain and transportation challenges, including 7 Certified Transportation Brokers, and long-standing partnerships with carriers, the rails and private fleets.

Reliability Redefined

In everything we do, our uncompromising commitment to performance is met with a willingness to keep getting better. We've taken customer service to a whole new level and continue to raise the bar by offering:

Supply Chain Solutions — Right Down to the Shipping Plan

We'll help devise a plan that details the movement of your freight and meets your business priorities. We'll stage trailers, dedicate trucks to your account, pair together business to reduce deadhead, or identify a private fleet that can profit on the backhaul. Mode-agnostic, we'll do whatever it takes to keep your production humming. When there's an issue, we bring you options, not excuses.

Equipment that Makes the Grade

Over the years we developed a niche in the raw ingredients supply chain and understand the high cost of delays. We know you need trailers that are impeccable and trucks that are continually maintained; equipment uptime means on-time deliveries to your facility.

A Maintenance Program that is Unmatched

The pride we take in our equipment is reflected in the shine of the maintenance floor. When you see how well we take care of our trucks and trailers, you can rest assured, we will take care of your loads.

A Culture of Safety

Safety is not just a department at OrTran; it's everyone's responsibility. It's about the character of the drivers we hire and the training we offer them. It's about providing them with solid equipment and tools like e-logs and PeopleNet that allow us to monitor and mentor performance. OrTran continues to exceed the standards for CSA compliance.

Technology to Move Us Forward

We've invested in technology to improve communications, enhance performance and assure compliance. From TMW's transportation management software to PeopleNet systems on every truck and Skybitz in every trailer, we can monitor your loads and our drivers with a continual eye on safety, training, and cost.

Professional Drivers and a Passionate Team

We like to think we've got trucking in our blood. We are very selective about the drivers and owner operators who join our team — their work ethic needs to match ours. And as our staff defines the future of this company, we continue to grow smarter working together.

At OrTran, we believe in saying yes and rising to the occasion. We understand that more important than what we say — people will believe what we do. Because customer confidence is won on promises delivered.