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otr evolution

Drivers want more home time, a reliable schedule, and stronger relationships with customers. OTR Evolution is a new trucking model based on fundamental principles. By combining slip seats, relays, secure drop lots and more, we’ve built round-trip tours that get you home and paid on a predictable schedule. We don’t just create lanes, we create lives.


traditional OTR model

OTR Evolution

the philosophy

traditional OTR model

You’re assigned a run and start driving while someone finds a load for you to haul back.

OTR Evolution

We assign you a round-trip tour that you can count on.

your work week

traditional OTR model

No week is ever the same. You might drive six days one week, three the next.

OTR Evolution

You have a five-day work week.

where you sleep

traditional OTR model

Unpredictable. In your cab or at a truck stop on some new road.

OTR Evolution

Daily or weekly, you’ll be in your home, in your bed, and next to your spouse with your favorite pillow.

home time

traditional OTR model

It depends. Did your dispatcher find a return load? Is the load ready?

OTR Evolution

Same time every day and/or every week.

family events

traditional OTR model

Maybe you’ll be able to attend. Maybe not.

OTR Evolution

You wouldn’t miss it for the world.

your income

traditional OTR model

The sign-on bonus is great, but miles vary…and the paycheck does too.

OTR Evolution

Your paycheck is the same as your tour: reliable.


traditional OTR model

New people. New problems. New obstacles every day.

OTR Evolution

You’ll get to know your customer(s) and start building a career that counts.

OTR Evolution: a new trucking model
based upon fundamental principles.


Weekly Tours:
Home every week.

You could start in Kansas City and pick up and drop off four loads from Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Crete, Nebraska. In a predictable loop, you’re back where you started twice a week and home for the weekend.

Home every day.

You drive 500 miles a day…except it’s 250 miles there and 250 miles back. Depending on your tour, you will stop halfway in a secure drop lot to swap trailers with a different driver doing the same thing. Together, you move freight 500 miles and you both get home on time.

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